Monday, October 17, 2016

Spots for enjoying Hot air balloon ride

Hot Air balloon is the perfect way to spend your vacation with family and friends. It can also be made special for Honeymoon couples where they can start the journey of their life together with an unforgettable and mind blowing experience. Those who like to explore  ways to spend their holidays in an adventurous way can try for the newly added activity in india which is very famous worldwide and we have seen in the films ,people enjoying  Hot air balloon flights.

Places  where you can have Hot air balloon ride:

1.    Maharashtra : In the western part of india , State of Maharashtra have a city called Lonavala where we can find the spot for enjoying the Hot Air balloon flight for the adventure lover and who can dare to talk to winds for an hour(approx) . Lonavala has always been amongst the favorite destination for the Mumbai and pune people for spending their weekend . This time we urge them to try for the Hot Air balloon flight .

2.    Jaipur: The pink city has  many things to offer as a  weekend vacation spot which is situated in Rajasthan and also close to Delhi, Uttarakhand etc. There we can find the Hot air balloon flight as a newest adventure for the visitors.

3.    Delhi: Now in the heart of india , we have the attraction of Hot air balloon flight for making your weekend or the holiday a success.

Get ready for Hot Air Ballooning rides

Everyone who likes to explore new outdoor things comes to a point where they want to do adventurous activities available in there city or nearby. Hot air Ballooning is one of the most preferred outdoor adventure activities as it gives you chance to talk to the wind and go close to the sky and feel the fresh air. Those interested can avail the chance of Hot air ballooning in the Pushkar mela to be held in Rajasthan next month. The experience is totally out of the league because you can see pilot controlling the balloon and steering it. It can be a family outing in the air.

With the excitement of flying high carries some steps to be taken as a cautionary measure which disturbs the wonderful experience in the sky. Here comes the role of the providers of Hot air ballooning service, which takes care of everything, from booking the ride to the pick/drop to giving an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. You have a choice to go alone or with family and friends. The experience is different in every aspect. You will be provided with all required materials during the ride like the safety gears. It is conducted in cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar and Maharashtra. So, celebrate this diwali with the never like experience in the sky – Hot Air ballooning ride. Make the burning flame of the balloon your way this year to celebrate Diwali. Happy Hot Air Ballooning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book your balloon safaris ride online

Is personally going to booking office taking your precious time? With the advancement of technology, you can book your balloon safari ride online with the convenience of location, time and duration. There are many facilities included in the selected package of Balloon Safaris ride. It also includes lunch/snacks that will be provided at the launch site. Pickup and Drop facility is also provided bythe agencies operating online for booking the rides. You can read the reviews online and decide which agency you should chose.

By booking online, you are having relief of making payment through your debit/credit card and getting the invoice thereby. You can also get attractive offers on websites that are giving offer and discounts on the balloon safari ride. The family vacation can be well spent on the launch site where there more activities than balloon safari ride. The winter holidays are the best time where both Christmas and New Year arrive with happiness and blessings. Moreover, Pushkar Mela has an advantage of warm weather in the days of cold in November month. So plan your vacation with the never before thrilling experience with Balloon safari ride with your family and friends.

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