Monday, October 19, 2015

Pushkar Mela is Worth Seeing

While in Rajasthan, don’t forget to enjoy the world’s largest camel fair in Pushkar, a tiny town attracts thousands of tourists because of various specialities involved. Every year, Pushkar Fair is celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm by the locals of Rajasthan. Pushkar Mela embarks in Kartik Shukal Ekadasi and falls in the month of October – November. Notably, in 2015, the dates for the Pushkar festival are November 19-25. Pushkar festival takes place on the bank of Pushkar Lake. There are 52 bathing Ghats in the holy Pushkar Lake. During the fair these Ghats stay jam packed. It is believed that each of these ghats has their distinct features and powers to heal all kinds of sins and diseases.

The Pushkar Mela creates a stir among the tourists and pilgrims with its various awesome celebrations which no one can forget throughout his life. As a grand event in Rajasthan, Pushkar camel fair offers life oozing activities including the "matka phod", "longest moustache", and "bridal competition. The camel competition at Pushkar lures travellers into this charismatic fair.  During this mela, you will get chance to watch large number of exciting events, including livestock selling, exhibition of bracelets, jewellery, textiles, clothes, and many more. While in Pushkar, one should try camel safari. Camel safari opens up a new way to explore the vast the desert landscape.

Undoubtedly, the grand occasion of Pushkar festival offers a unique opportunity for the tourists to see the vibrant cultures and traditions of Rajasthan. While roaming around the great fair, don’t forget to purchase some traditional Rajasthani souvenirs such as ornaments, garments, footwear, patchwork, printed textiles and fabrics.  While moving in and around Pushkar, you can find numerous Israelis and a Jewish Community Centre set up by them. So Pushkar Mela is worth seeing because of various exciting events, traditional culture and palatable Rajasthani dishes cooked with rich Indian spices.   
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