Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Agra to host the first ever Taj Balloon Festival

With a view to boost tourism in Agra, the proud city of the Taj Mahal is ready to host the first ever Taj Balloon Festival. Uttar Pradesh Tourism in collaboration with E–Factor and Sky Waltz has taken a step further to attract the tourist across the world. As an adventurous people, you should know when the balloon festival occurs. Notably, Taj Balloon Festival which will take place from 14th to 16th November 2015.

There will be more than fifteen balloons from across twelve countries, including the USA, Belgium, Spain, UK, UAE, Taiwan, Australia, Germany and more. You will come across the beautiful skyline of Agra and its colourful look. The ballooning experts would display their skills on the days of the event.

While you are Agra, you will be mesmerised by its artistic Mughal culture and tradition. You will get a chance to the upside and downside view of the one among Seven Wonders of the World, ‘The Taj Mahal’.

Skywaltz is one and only hot air ballooning company in India, occupies a prime position in providing hot air balloon ride services. Skywaltz is famous for its services and expertise.

Hot Air Ballooning is gaining popularity in India due to its various safety measures provided by the companies engaged in providing hot air ballooning ride. Among all the adventure sport related activities, hot air ballooning ride in Agra is worth seeing. Hot Air ballooning ride in Agra is the latest aviation and adventure sport for the discerning tourists.  By this time, this festival is said to be the first step towards creating a world class ballooning centre in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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