Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Unfold the beauty of pushkar festival 2015

The Pushkar city is situated on the shore of Pushkar Lake, a scared place for Hindus where they take sacred bath. This place is quite popular among people for several reasons, large camel fair and balloon festival. If you are truly passionate about having adventurous activities, Pushkar is the best place to hop on the adventure activities. Pushkar festival 2015 is the best event where you can enjoy. Do not you think that catching birds’ eye view of earth is a thrilling experience that you must have. Nonetheless, many people consider it as a pricey option but it is worth of paying to have superb viewpoint of earth from above the sky. Among various splendid destinations to enjoy in India, Pushkar holds highest rank among them because where you can witness the world’s largest camel fair and several other events.

Pushkar Mela is held at Pushkar, a tiny town in Ajmer district with the intention of gathering local villagers for buying and selling of cattle. You will see livestock of cattle. Moreover, this awe-inspiring festival hosts various cultural programs which surely gives you enthralling experience. You should opt for the balloon ride safari to have special view of this Mela from above the sky. Explore several heritages of Pushkar city such as temples and forts. You can book a balloon safari online from the website. There are multiple agencies who can help you for getting ready for Pushkar festival 2015.

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